Teesside: with its unique industrial infrastructure, proven scientific knowledge and highly skilled workforce provides a world class location for the green revolution. The North Tees Estate has long been considered as the bulk liquid handling facility for Teesside with significant investment to date from international companies such as Sabic, Navigator, BOC, and CF, to name but a few.

More recently, North Tees anticipated the need for a new site which could not only utilise its existing infrastructure but also accommodate the Green Revolution, and thus redeveloped  125 acres of its existing estate with the sole objective of attracting renewable and green projects, the site was awarded an Enterprise Zone Status, and was commonly known as the “the Northeast Energy Park”. To date there has been approval for 1020Mw power plant, development of renewable energy projects and an inward investment of more than $1.3 billion.

With the announcement of the UK’s first Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage project (CCUS) to be located at Teesside, which aims to capture 10 million tonnes of CO2 per year by as early as 2030. The North Tees Estate will utilise part of its existing pipeline infrastructure to support the project, thus providing a future opportunity for investors  to access the CCUS project.

Together with the support of Tees Valley Combined Authority (TVCA), Local Authorities,  Planners and an innovative and forward-thinking Mayor, North Tees Estate offers a unique opportunity for businesses to start the journey of transition from the reliance on carbon intensive resources to a greener more sustainable future. Our ambition is to partner with our estate companies and investors and develop our infrastructure to meet their needs and those of the UK Governments Net Zero Target.


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