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ICL November 17, 2021

Established in March 1976, Industrial Chemicals developed from an Essex based transport company into a national chemical manufacturer and trader of industrial chemicals. Headquartered in Grays, with nine operations throughout the UK and one in the USA. 

Eco2 November 17, 2021

With over 15 years’ experience in renewable energy asset management, Eco2 delivers the best possible performance for our clients’ investments.

BOC November 17, 2021

BOC is the largest provider of industrial, medical and special gases in the UK and Ireland As well as atmospheric gases, they supply thousands of different types of gas, and gas mixtures to more than 400,000 customers in an enormous range of industries.  With a network of major production facilities, distribution centres and retail stores across the UK and Ireland, BOC supplies compressed, bulk and pipeline gases, chemicals, engineering solutions and associated equipment.

Augean PLC November 17, 2021

Augean’s innovative Port Clarence Waste Recovery Park in Teesside handles a wide range of hazardous wastes including bulk and packaged waste (in drums, IBCs etc), sludges and effluents for recovery and disposal. An integrated waste management facility that uses several complementary processes to recover more waste for reuse, recycling and treatment providing techniques which deliver BAT (Best Available Techniques).

CF Fertilisers October 7, 2020

CF Fertilisers is at the heart of the Teesside Chemical Industry and has many close links with neighbouring chemical companies where Ammonia and nitric acid are key raw materials. Their site at North Tees Ltd consists of two main areas the Ammonia Plant and Portrack which supplements Ammonium Nitrate (Nitram) production from Ince.

Sabic October 7, 2020

SABIC is one of the world’s leading petrochemical companies, operating in over 50 countries and employing over 33,000 people worldwide. It has operated on Teesside since 2006, through its subsidiary, SABIC UK Petrochemicals Limited.

Air Products October 7, 2020

Air Products’ Renewable Energy Facility – Plasma Gasification Plant is based at our North Tees Ltd site. It’s plan was to recover energy from the waste being thermally treated in the form of electrical power which would then be exported to the National Grid. The site is located approximately 2.0 km to the north of South Bank, 2.5 km east of Port Clarence and 4.5 km to the east of Billingham on the Reclamation Pond Site. It is situated in…

Navigator October 7, 2020

Navigator Terminals is an independent bulk liquid storage provider formed in 2016. Navigator operates four terminals, each strategically located in major UK ports and serving key demand centres within the UK. Situated at our North Tees Ltd site, ideally placed on the north bank of the River Tees, Navigator Terminals is fully integrated into the pipeline system of the UK’s largest chemical cluster and is also connected by pipeline to the neighbouring Navigator Terminals North Tees. Both Navigator terminals boast…

N + P Recycling October 6, 2020

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